DIS(CLOSURE) by G.L. Eduardo

DIS(CLOSURE) by G.L. Eduardo

People often asked me why did you come here?
My answer depended on who was asking and how I was being asked. I would like to confess now that my usual responses-it is more cosmopolitan; it is clean and organized; the opportunity arose at the time; better pay; etc -were never anything near how I truly felt. Those were neatly contrived answers meant to prevent the enquirer from approaching the truth.

DIS(CLOSURE)  tells a real story of a young gay man arriving in Singapore in search for a better life. In a society where everything is restricted and organized, he found himself entangled with strangers, stalkers, sex and superstition. He lost the ability to trust; he began to develop deep misgivings about the people around him. He was being watched everywhere he went- he was the target of endless surveillance; more metaphorically, he lived in a state of surveillance…

by G. L. Eduardo
published by No Roots Ltd Pte
copyright No Roots Ltd Pte 2010

Printed in Singapore
First printed in September 2010
First printing: September 2010

ISBN: 978-981-08-65757

e-mail: disclosurenoroots@gmail.com



The new gay narrative, which is based on a true story, tells the story of Ed, a Taiwanese who moved to Singapore after getting to know Junior, a Singaporean who eventually helped him to get desirable job in town. Ed left his boyfriend, job, family and friends and instead of getting the life he wanted in Singapore, his arrival was welcomed with threatening messages from a group of stalkers. Ed then went on the life of surveillance despite the protection he got from Junior. Who are his stalkers? Whom Ed trusted in the end? Did he remain in Singapore or return to Taiwan? Read up DIS(CLOSURE) to find out about what not only Ed, but in fact many local and regional young gay men have experienced.


5 responses to “DIS(CLOSURE) by G.L. Eduardo

  1. excelent. I’m glad I read this

  2. Wow, I happened to be googling about the word DIS(ClOSURE) and came accross your blog.
    Thanks for the great summary!!!

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