Interview#7: Bayu Angora

Born in Sumedang, West Java, Indonesia, Bayu studied art and philosophy in Bandung. Since 2003, he has participated many exhibitions of art (drawing, painting, design, comics, photography, etc.). Beside exhibiting art, Bayu also writes literature (poetry, essays, short stories, etc) and playing music with his band, ASPYRYNTH. Check out his artistic journey here and ASPYRYNTH’s here. RAP managed to speak with Bayu about his recent work at TOP/BOTTOM exhibition.

Question (Q): Your work titled Paradigma was exhibited in TOP/BOTTOM exhibition. Tell us more about this work.

Bayu Angora (Bayu): My work “PARADIGMA” represents on balance like yin/yang, as well as top/bottom. Objects in my work “PARADIGMA” is only as metaphor.

“PARADIGMA” is not solely on objects, but also subject. Not solely a matter of what we see, but also how the way we see it.

Q: As a straight person joining TOP/BOTTOM show which was targeted towards LGBT community, you seem to be a very open-minded artist. What do you think of the general public in Jakarta regarding LGBT issues and art?

Bayu: When the exhibition’s “TOP/ BOTTOM” held in Jakarta, many of those cons with this exhibition. LGBT is still a hard sell in Indonesia, because it was considered contrary to the norm in society.

As an artist, I must to see the reality around me, and showed again the fact through my work to the public. My work is a reflection of what goes on around me.

Q: Your works too seem to be sexual and erotic. How do these forms of artwork being viewed in Jakarta? Are there any restrictions towards sexuality and nudity when it comes to art?

Bayu: A lot of my work is vulgar and erotic. But in this exhibition, I was just showing off the work that is not vulgar because the exhibition was held in Indonesia. Many things should I consider when I show off my work, because culture and social norms in each place is not the same. And I have to respect it.

We are born naked, and it was a gift from god.
For me, art is a mirror to get to know who I am.

Q: Any artists that have inspired your artistic journey?

Bayu: Many artist who inspire me, but that really influence me directly are my own band, ASPYRYNTH.

Q: Share with us your future plans and art exhibitions!

Bayu: Last month, I participated in the exhibition “HUMAN RIGHTS?” in Trento, Italy. My plans for the future is to participate more in arts events in any countries around the world. Like The Beatles song, “across the universe”.

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