not New York but Seattle

Seattle Figure Drawing group, pretty much like Organization of Illustrators Council in Singapore organizes life-drawing sessions with male models only. It’s interesting to see how in the past, women are usually the nude models, in fact even today, that is the more usual cases too.

And one question to ponder about, do we attend life-drawing sessions really to draw, to learn how to draw or simply enjoy the exhibitionist flesh in front of us?

illustration above by Grego Rachko. More of his here.

More information for Seattle Figure Drawing Group here.
While if you are around the town, check out their male-model-specific life-drawing here.
Check out the constant madness of OIC here.

This is a way off Asia but check out ArtsWest for really cool works here. And among their archive, check out a gender-specific show here involving Grego Rachko, Cory W. Peek and Arun Sharma in a show titled (de)constructing men.

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