Emin says ….

DON’T MISS the opening of EMIN SAYS …. at tocaMe bar on 2 November 2010, 7.30pm

The exhibition will be showcasing works that explore the idea of women and texts from four young female artists, Peenut Kew Lee, Malvina Tan, Catherine Cheok and Jean Ng.

The show will run until 5 December opens daily from 6pm-1am (except on Fri and Sat til 3am) at 95 Club Street.

Pictures will be up right after the opening night, so check out for that soon! And also artists interviews are up for Malvina and Peenut. Check them out as well.

Facebook event page here.

Jean‘s interview is up and check out the snapshots of the exhibition here.
and Catherine‘s up as well!

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