Interview#8: Malvina Tan

Malvina Tan wishes she was living in the 1980s.  Having traveled through time, she feels strange in her surroundings.  That explains why she stands out from the crowd with her randomly insane train of thoughts.Randomly surreal would be the basis of evolution for her creations.  Extreme interests in human beings, she dissects them physically and emotionally, then translate her findings through art.  Her surgeries are conducted in her own backyard.  During her spare time, she likes to ride on velvet ponies and fly kites with fairies and unicorns.  She is currently trying to get out of a washing machine.

She enjoys creating art installations, and she defines them as cellophane dreams; her ability to warp how she views each day by simply looking through a different sheet of cellophane each time.

Currently an undergraduate from NTU School of Art, Design and Media, RAP went to question what she has been preparing for the next show at tocaMe. For more on her works, check out her online portfolio here.

Question(Q):  Tell us more about Buy a Sexual Organ series!

Malvina Tan(Malvina): It is a quirky take on the possibility of buying a sexual organ off the shelf- providing viewers the freedom to scrutinise, select and purchase a sexual organ of your choice. I would love to know which sexual organ you’ll decide on.

Q:  Share with us your general art practice.

M: I dabble in mixed media works, mostly installations. I like exploring the possibilities of using junk in my art. I enjoy the idea of giving life to things that are vintage. Hence, my work usually has a nostalgic touch. I also explore performance art as well. My art in general is usually corporeal.

Q: What do you think of the perception of LGBT-issues in Singapore?

M: I believe the society in Singapore is accepting the LGBT community slowly, but surely. This is very much encouraging, however, I am sure that there is more that can done to help enforce a more open minded society.

Q: Do you think art can play a part in this particular subject?

M: Most definitely. It is an avenue to help the society understand the contexts of LGBT in general, through a different light. Art is a platform of expression, and the idea of sending a message out via this platform is just perfect. Art unknowingly triggers emotions. What better way to enable the society to understand this subject.

Q: What do you think of LGBT-art scene locally?

M: The LGBT-art scene is critical in Singapore. It does help to share the subjects concerning LGBT to the society, and I believe that they have been doing a really good job so far. The society just needs a little push to open up their eyes and minds, and this pushing effect can only be made possible with the help of the LGBT-art scene.

Q: Any last words for the LGBT community?

M: Ride on a unicorn today, fly kites with fairies tomorrow.

Emin Says … run from 2 November to 5 December at tocaMe bar. More on the show here.

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