Boy Meets Boy

Part 1

clips are uploaded by youtube user, quesdtz

Directed By Kim Jho Gwangsoo
Produced by Korea Gay Men’s Human Rights Group and Blue Films
Year: 2008

A short film with no spoken dialogue, Min-soo and Seok-i come face-to-face after Min-soo drops a roll of film at Seok-i’s foot. There is an instant spark through their silent gazes. Min-soo gets off the bus, but Seok-i follows him. The entire time, a fairy gives them advice through a song. It turns out Seok-i had been following Min-soo with the intention of giving him back a camera, which was stolen when Seok-i and his friends mugged him. As Seok-i walks away, Min-soo runs after him and they embrace.
from wikipedia, here.

check out it’s official website here.

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