Interview#14: Malisa Suchanya

As an aspiring artist, Malisa enjoys dealing with things that are seemingly ordinary and trying to make it extraordinary. She has a natural inclination to things that people tend to overlook. She is a child at heart and she embraces that, trying to look at the world for what it can be, what it needs rather than what it is and what it is becoming. She is also interested in the self and enjoy discovering new things about her identity, her worth, her place. Hence a lot of her work is often a reflection of what she is or who she would like to be. Her inspiration comes from many sources of life, ranging from personal experiences, nature, daily life, and so on making everything that she doodles and creates a reaction. She tries not to look at too much imagery. Impossible as it is, it is something she tries to limit herself to and instead, focus on things that are natural and of her own observation.  As an artist, her biggest goal is to make an impact with her work. Creating impressions in peoples minds, having them experience something pleasant and illuminating simple truths to them. She would love to make a difference to this world. Malisa’s works are currently part of the Ladies Cut, Shampoo and Blow Dry show at tocaMe and RAP found out more about her!
Question (Q): Tell us more about the current series that is being showcased at tocaMe.
Malisa Suchanya (Malisa):  The Series that i worked focused more on the aesthetic than the concept. Where I tried to capture different kinds of beauty in different female forms. All of the drawings were done spontaneously without photographic references,
Q: Do you deal with the issue of feminism in your works?
Malisa: Though i’m not actively a feminist, i do believe in equality between the sexes. That being said,   i do not deal much with the issues of feminism.
Q: Tell us more about your graduation show’s works in LaSalle.
Malisa: My Graduation show’s works in Lasalle was an extension of an installation that i created over the semester. I dealt with the idea of Quieting down and consciously dealing with the self.
I wanted to illuminate the importance of slowing down and taking a look at our individual lives and reacting to it. by crawling into the box, the viewer was invited to rest and release. They were encouraged to leave a message in one of the bottles provided in hopes of actually getting them to leave something behind, wether it’s a dream, a fear, a painful experience, a regret, etc. And by doing so, I wanted to stir up something in them.
Q: What do you think of the LGBT-art scene locally?
Malisa: Personally, i’m not very informed or exposed to the LGBT-art scene.
Q: Were there any student/s that deal with such themes in your previous college?
Malisa: no.
Q: What do you think of the perception towards such art, say erotic or sexually charged visuals among the young people?
Malisa: Although i believe art is an expression and acts as a cathartic form of release, i believe the artist is responsible for the works he or she creates. I for one really appreciate the human form and love drawing and viewing it. However I believe that Erotic art needs to have it’s boundaries for there is a very fine line between erotic art and pornography. And because there are more and more youth getting involved and exposed to the art scene, we need to be aware of the impressions we create in their minds. As artists, I believe in expressing good and wholesome truths rather than just erotic and sexually charged messages .
Q: Any future plan for exhibitions to share?
Malisa: I would like to have an exhibition about Raising awareness about human trafficking.
Q: Last words for the LGBT community?
Malisa: nope ~ no comment ~
Ladies Cut, Shampoo and Blow Dry
6 December 2010 – 4 January 2011
tocaMe, 95 Club Street
for snapshots, click here.

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