digging the past

We are in the midst of looking back into past art events, showcases that are related to LGBT community. If you have any relevant informations, do inform us 🙂

Some informations that we would like to document:
1. past IndigNation festivals, blog entries, photos and other relevant documents
2. Bear Project’s Charity Art Exhibition
3. Jason Wee’s Bao Bei
4. Tan Peng’s early exhibitions in 1990s*
5. up to date the earliest gay-themed art show by Jimmy Ong in 1980s*

*source is from wikipedia.com, do correct us if the information is not appropriate

For a start, check out Jimmy Ong’s short interview at TimeOut for his 2008 IndigNation exhibition titled Ancestors on the Beach here.

And also, if you are a wikipedia person, check out the entry on Singapore gay art here.

utopia-asia.com too has a couple of entries on LGBT-art which you can browse through here.

2011 will be a year of collecting informations, so if you have anything to contribute regarding the development of LGBT art scene in Singapore and the regions, contact us at rainbowartsproject@gmail.com


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