Our Stories by Ouyang Wen Feng

Our Stories by Ouyang Wen Feng

“This is our stories, it could be yours too” is the tagline for a collection of writtings in Mandarin by 15 chinese homosexuals from different parts of the world. “Our Stories” 《我們的故事》 is a brainchild of the editor of the book, Ouyang Wen Feng as a result of his coming out. A pastor in Malaysia, Ouyong received alot of emails especially from LGBT sharing their stories when he publicly announced his sexuality in 2006. Inspired, Ouyong wants to make a statement that gay love could be as heartwarming as heterosexual

15 stories were selected from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Malaysia and the US. The condition of getting their stories published is that the writers must be willing to show their face photo in the book.

A story from China relates the protagonist’s struggle to change his sexuality by going to the doctors. Another recalls his sexual awakening through an innocent infatuation for a male teacher in his pre teens. Other stories include how a string of fateful events bring two girls together. A transexual shares her journey of denial and confusion, and finally how she made peace with herself and her religion.

“Our Stories 2” is calling for submission – if you have a story to share, please email oyoungm@hotmail.com with a brief bio.

The book is distributed in Singapore by Novum Organum Publishing House Pte Ltd, email: novum-sales@popularworld.com

edited by Ouyang Wen Feng
publisheed by Seashore Publishing (M) Sdn. Bhd.
printed in Malaysia
published in May 2010
ISBN 978-967-5413-36-0

this review is contributed by Vincent Chow

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