Conversations with Father and Son by Marla Bendini





Conversations between Father and Son is a solo-exhibition by Marla Bendini. In this installation/performance and video piece, she pays a tribute to her late father. The installation was accompanied with sound and video piece, which was also a performance she has done previously. During the exhibition period, she performs almost everyday and the piece transforms as the days go by. Together in this show too Bendini presented her photo-painting series titled Marla for the first time in Singapore.

Image above are taken from the Substation event page.

The exhibition ran from 13-22 May 2010 at the Substation, Singapore.

Read more about her interview here or check out the event page here.

Bendini also initiates Sisters in Solidarity and an art project titled End Transgender Stigma with Art which you can check out more here.


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