CHAOS, PEACE and LOVE; This is Harmony

As part of the I-Am festival by the Arts Management students at LaSalle, three artists Melissa Tan, Peenut Lee and Valerie Yang showcased action art at National Geographic Store, Vivo City Singapore.

Check out what Culturepush wrote about the exhibition.

The performance aspect of the exhibition features 3 young and talented budding artists from different social backgrounds – Melissa Tan, a Chinese ink painter, Peenut Lee, a lesbian illustrator and Valerie Yang, a tattoo artist. In bridging a connection between artists and audiences, the artists will execute their skills and techniques to a countdown of two hours to signify their endless struggles in pursuit of their art. This exhibition is more than just an exhibition, but a voice to channel artists’ emotions and sacrifices made in their undying passion for their works against societal values. The show encompasses a ‘live’ art performance and a week-long exhibition, motivated by the frustrations and isolation that many artists faced because of certain stereotypical mindsets and because of the negative misconceptions that had been placed upon various forms art forms.

Peenut has worked with RAP twice and check out about here from our blog here.

Congrat’s to Peenut!

And also she will be participating in Azalea beckons…, an exhibition exploring the role of women in the past and present. Curated by Catherine Cheok, the showcase will be at Dahlia Gallery, Singapore. Will keep you updated regarding this.

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