biennale pick#2 : Devo partire. Domani by Ming Wong

Above are the screenshots of the installation for Devo partire. Domani means I have to leave. Tomorrow, a new video work by Ming Wong. The piece is based on Italian classic film titled Teorema. (for wikipedia information on Teorema here.)

Wong, as per his usual style, plays all of the character, from the mysterious young visitor, the father, mother, son, daughter and even the maid. The work consists of 5 different scenarios, each on the perspective of the household members and how they react to the visitor, most of the time, through sexual approaches.

Despite the dark and destructive nature of the entire narrative, Wong suggests hints of humor by his deliberate peculiar ways of acting. Accompanied with very rigid Italian, Wong approaches the old classic with contemporary distinctions, proposing a universal band of general society today. At the same time, this piece seems to be overly injected with sexual connotations and gestures, despite the comical portrayal of such actions.

This piece is currently exhibited in the Old Kallang Airport as part of 2011 Singapore Biennale; Open House. The showcase runs until 15 May. More information here.


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