SG Films@ Library featuring Tanjong Rhu

SG Films@ Library will be presenting 5 local films. Tanjong Rhu by Boo Jun Feng is among them.

about the event:

DownLeft Dirty (R21) 5 Short Films
by Anthony Chen, Boo Junfeng, Sun Koh
25 March 2011, 9:30pm
Admission is FREE.
presented by Singapore Film Society (about it more here.)

1. HAZE (2008)
Anthony Chen | Mandarin, Chinese Dialect & English |14 mins | R21 – Sexual Scenes

On a hot, humid day, Singapore is shrouded by the haze caused by burning forests in neighbouring Indonesia. Two teenagers decide to skip school and idle the day away. An innocent love affair plays out indoors amidst the dust and smoke that spreads outside.


Sun Koh | Mandarin |20 mins | R21 – Sexual Content
Starring Sunny Pang

Ken and his wife has mind-blowing sex every night, but in the morning, she prefers to feign sleep while watching him jerk off. One day, she learns that another woman has been watching him. This fictional adapatation of the true Singapore story that saw a man charged for ‘acts of indecency’ is ironically a celebration of sex.

More about Bedroom Dancing:

3. DIRTY BITCH (2010)
Sun Koh | English, Mandarin, Chinese Dialect & French |14 mins | R21 – Sexual Content

A love letter to the Singapore censors, “Dirty Bitch” was inspired by a violently censored VHS copy of Claire Denis’ “Nénette et Boni” found at the Singapore library.

Commissioned by the International Film Festival Rotterdam for Meet The Maestro 2009 – Claire Denis.

~~~ Trailer ~~~

Boo Junfeng | Spanish |8 mins | M18 – Some Sexual Content

Sergio is a seventeen year-old photographer who is aroused by black-and white encyclopedia diagrams of the female genitalia. When his little sister asks him about sex one day, he revisits a memory years ago, in which he discovers a sexual secret amongst his family members.

More about A Family Portrait

5. TANJONG RHU (2008)
Boo Junfeng | English & Mandarin |19 mins | R21 – Homosexual Content

A former military officer seeks closure by making a documentary film about a man whom he had furtively encountered in Tanjong Rhu many years ago.

Tanjong Rhu is a secluded beach on the east coast of Singapore, and a popular cruising ground for gay men. In an entrapment exercise in 1993, 12 men were arrested there and sentenced to imprisonment and caning. This is a fictionalised account of what has happened since then to one of these men.

More about Tanjong Rhu:

information above are from the facebook event page here.
images for the film posters here.

After the screening, the three directors will be present for Q&A session.

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