biennale pick#3: the meaning of style by Phil Collins

Turner Prize nominated Phil Collins presenting his recent work titled, the meaning of style which is currently installed in a rather stuffy room in Old Kallang Airport. The work which is based on the skinhead culture in Malaysia depicts a narrative of a young man going into a theatre and watching a film of a sub-culture of what is considered to be rebellious young people. Smoking, punk-dressed, earrings and skin-headed, these people are part of minority. Interesting enough, the young man joins the company of other skin-headed males in viewing their own group of people.

Collins have created projects intensively in Asia region. His focus on the Malayan peninsula sub-cultures is an approach towards minority, to what the general population sees as ‘wrong’. As rebellious they may be, the skinhead culture, both in Malaysia and South East Asia is a unique representation of young culture, which should be cherished and understood instead of rejected.

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