biennale pick#6: Re’Search Wait’S by Ryan Trecartin

Ryan Trecantin came into fame from a simple start. His videos on Youtube “reflect a generation saturated with image production”[1]. Likewise, his work for the biennale titled Re’Search Wait’S is a series of video installation depicting crazy maniac characters with greatly altered images and infused with chaotic languages, body movement and setting.

The cast, which includes Trecartin himself imbues performative element to the work. This is reflected into how Trecantin sees the imaginary landscape presented as over-liberal. The world he created within the setting of the video frame is without rules and boundary. An opposite to Big Brother, they are limitless. However, the fact that the characters are uttering rubbish into the camera and audiences as viewers, show a sense of surveillance. Within the freedom they have, there is also a sense of entrapment and dissatisfaction.

The installation mimics a weirdly oriented private space where it starts off with a constructed mini sitting stage followed by wooden tables, almost look like a dining table. Audiences then arrive on a bed and lastly a sofa. The characteristic of the objects suggest comfort for audiences to watch the video but a complete contrast to the scenario depicted on the moving frames.

There are narrative within each of the four videos and they suggest a similar idea. Rebellion and freedom. Trecartin approaches the subject which has become a weapon for and against young teenagers and adults, especially in the West. He places the audience in a peculiar position where we are expected to neither accept nor reject the situation.

At the end of the day, it makes us think that we have just watched rubbish, but the process of thinking becomes a response towards the idea of freedom.

The piece is currently in Singapore Art Museum.

Find him on vimeo here.

[1] Singapore Biennale 2011 Open House Short Guide, page 19

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