biennale pick#7: My We by Louie Cordero

My We by Louie Cordero, a Filipino artist is a response towards the recent murders of people singing Frank Sinatra’s My Way in Filipino karaoke bars.

The installation consists of various drawings and paintings, four gory sculptures and a karaoke game of Sinatra’s My Way. Set in a bright pink room, this piece of work is interestingly eerie and uncanny.

The piece relates to Trecantin’s (more information here) which is situated right next door. There are hints of rebellious attempts, freedom to kill which is both satirical and humorous. The above particular figure wears a t-shirt that says “D.A.R.E … resist drugs …. “.

The paintings, despite not being the focal points of the installation catch the eyes equally as strong as the sculptures. Cordero’s work often look into the street life of Philippine’s culture and “offers a highly personal, idiosyncratic take on a chaotic world”[1].

The work is currently on display at Singapore Art Museum

[1] Singapore Biennale 2011 Open House Short Guide, page 18

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