Azalea beckons ….

Azalea beckons ….
group exhibition curated by Catherine Erica Cheok
featuring works by Peenut Kew Lee, Desiree Lau, Malisa Suchanya, Grace Jean, Marla Bendini, Rachel Chan and Nurrul Shaik.

The exhibition’s theme plays around the symbolism of the flower Azalea, which in the past was often used as a representation of womanhood. The aim for the showcase is to identify if the role of women has changed today, by paying close attribute to the past.

In association with RAP, this exhibition is also in partnership with Two Queens.

The opening reception of the show will be on 8 April 2011, Friday at 7.30pm and it will run until the 17th, opens daily from 12-7pm, Sunday to 5pm and closes on Monday. It will be held at Dahlia Gallery, 69A Pagoda Street, Chinatown.

RAP will be talking to the artists soon!

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