biennale pick#9: OMG BFF LOL by Charlie White

The rise of hierarchy and consumer culture which most of the time is initiated by the West, particularly America has resulted in a tattler-lifestyle. OMG BFF LOL by Charlie White explores the ‘cool’ scene as a result of the above mentioned by not in the adult community, but young female teenagers.

Taken the form of a cartoon video and installation of girls magazines, the work exaggerates in its portrayal towards American, specifically California’s girls’ culture. The video takes a sarcastic approach towards teenagers language, fashion, conversation, etc, very much similar to the Hollywood version of high school teenage dramas.

White has also collected girls magazine with blonde models as their cover. He seems to be playing alongside the stereotype of blondes as the characters in the animation too are.

Although his work focuses on the girls’ culture, it seems to be commenting on the general’s approach towards what is high lifestyle today. With the popularity of MTV, E! channel and reality shows revolving celebrities like Jershey Shores and the Kardashians, does the West culture has to determine what is the ideal lifestyle today? Or is consumerism FTW? OMG LOL!

This piece is located at the basement of National Museum of Singapore.

Check out White’s videos on his youtube channel here.

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