biennale pick#10: Singapore Fiction by ruangrupa

One of the messiest and funniest piece in the biennale is Singapore Fiction by Jakarta-based collective, ruangrupa. The installation narrates fictional stories which the artists have constructed through interviews and interactions with the locals. They have also researched into the history, popular incidences and myths and have created a brand new urban legend for the city.

Apart from the many stories presented, they also touch on Anabell Chong. It is not the first time she appears in the biennale, the first being Brian Gothong Tan’s piece back in 2006. Ruangrupa on the other hand, reconstructed this narrative by creating a new character called Allabella Chong. Not very far away from the original, they also have included sexy items like skimpy bars and underwear and not to forget phallic looking objects in a special case dedicated for her.

Apart from that, other objects found within the space include a miniature tent with recordings played within it. It is not a tent which humans can enter but audience can snaked their ears in and listen to the story inside. The tent somehow reminds of Tracy Emin’s Everyone I Have Slept With, 1963-95.

Not to spoil all the stories, drop by the installation to find out more at the basement of National Museum of Singapore.

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