Veena Malik and the Big Boss

The first few months of 2011 was not an easy start for Veena Malik, a Pakistan actress and TV show who went to India to join Indian version of Big Brother, the Big Boss reality TV show. A group of participants were to stay in a villa for 3 months without any contacts with outsiders but their conversation were recorded and movements watched by someone they knew only as Big Brother.

Pakistanis find that Malik has brought shame to Pakistan as it is against the country’s cultural and religious root to go to India and be involved in their show. Despite this, Malik went on to fight for what she believes in and her voice is heard.

Her attempt is not merely self defense but also a battle against stereotype. It is also encouraging to see a woman in a Muslim-dominated country fight for what she believes in while bring liberal, she remains true to her religion.

Up to present date, Malik has taken control of the situation but Pakistan remains divided on their perception towards her.

All videos are taken from youtube. More news about Veena Malik here and here.

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