Tiptoe out of the closet by Russell Heng

Dug up all the way back in June 2001, check out this essay by Russell Heng. The essay explores the development of LGBT in Singapore, a survey from late 1960s to 1990s and some expectations he had to the future, which is today.

He mentioned a number of gay plays and art-related pieces like

“The first lesbian play “Mergers and Acquisitions” was staged. A novel, Peculiar Chris, was published which was a love story featuring a gay recruit who had come out to the military authority. An exhibition of homo-erotic paintings was staged by artist Tan Peng (“Out of the closet”, declared a positive review in the major English-daily language daily The Straits Times).”

To read the entire essay click here.

Heng, Hiang Khng Russell, Tiptoe out of the closet: the before and after of the increasingly visible gay community in Singapore, June 2001, Retrieved from yawning bread.org: http://www.yawningbread.org/guest_2001/guw-073.htm


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