Pleasure Spectrum by Li Cassidy-Peet

In relationship to LOOP by Thaweesak Srithongdee here, on 26 November to 14 December 2010, Li Cassidy-Peet presented her solo show titled Pleasure Spectrum at Institute of Contemporary Art, Singapore which is located at LaSalle College of the Arts, Earl Lu Gallery.

The show consists of Li’s installations, sculptures, photography and mixed media works. Each works stand for themselves but they are all related, weaving a story of lust and pleasure and the desire of somebody stronger, more beautiful, more talented. Li described this as a longing to music stars.

A huge part of the installation is guitar boxes, painted black and names of musicians were scribbled on them. Li expressed her admiration to these people where she went on to a mixed media work on reflective paper. The piece explores subtle desire, very fragile, almost untouchable.

The show as a whole brings the idea of needs, not sexual attention but admiration, respect and even arguably, a tribute. Li plays around with her ways of using common objects and readymades, making a whole new perspective towards the interpretation of pleasure spectrum.

Check out more of the photos of the exhibition here at Boon Lim’s photo album.

The image above is taken from LaSalle’s event page here.

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