biennale pick#11: various animations by Tala Mandani

Iranian artist Tala Mandani presented 8 animations which are installed in peek holes at the basement of National Museum of Singapore. The series of work explore the theme of sexuality, in particularly the role of genders, male and female.

Mandani as a woman portray Iranian men acting abnormally, very much foreign and unusual to what they are expected to behave in society. She places herself as a female to comment on the male population. The artist not only act as the creator but also a voyeur.

Out of the 8 pieces, works titled Music Man and Chit Chat, both created in 2009 are the two most interesting pieces. In Music Man, a larger man is seen choking on a smaller man, almost portray like a baby, only with adult characteristic like facial hair. The smaller figure then pukes out liquid like objects, creating musical notes on the background. There is a strong reference to masturbating in the action of stroking the neck of the smaller man.

In Chit Chat, two men are seen to be vomiting similar liquid which is later joined by a third figure, almost as if he is created through this continuous action. Mandani seems to have injected sexual connotations but also interestingly allows audience to interpret this situation in various ways. The work can also be seen as a form of commentary of the role of men in an Iranian family.

Other works installed include Apple Tree (2007), Accident Series; Taxi, Accident Series; Hospital, Accident Series; Metro, Headbug (2009) and the most recent The Dancer (2010)

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