biennale pick#13: White Discharge by Teppei Kaneuji

Teppei Kaneuji, an internationally acclaimed young artist from Japan presented his huge series of work titled White Discharge. The series consist of gigantic installations and miniature sculptures as well as drawings. However, for the biennale, Kaneuji is presenting two medium sculptures and smaller figurines accompanied with a couple of drawings.

White Discharge explores the idea of aesthetic. Kaneuji applied layers of white polyester on his objects, mostly readymades and many are products of Japan. Toys in particular are put together to create a form of sculpted architecture and the process of layering came after that. It resulted in the sculptures to be covered in white layers, almost mimicking a dead city scene.

Apart from the two larger sculptures, the work also consists of figurines, similarly treated. Pretty much recognizable as Japanese animation toys and figurines, both males and females, Kaneuji applied the same technique onto these figures. The process took away the aesthetic of the toys and destroyed their features, almost to a great extent. Their faces are now replaced with unknown white blob which many may find them disturbing.

Despite that, the works seem to have their own appeal. While questioning the degree of aesthetic in relation to consumerism, Kaneuji had actually created a new form of beauty. Faceless and monster-like, the figures, and architecture sculptures lure a different form of charisma. They can be both undesirable yet  seductive to the audience.

The drawings pretty much accompany the experience of being in an unknown and unfamiliar setting, with unusual characters. Its a pity that the works have to be installed not in a site of their own, but doc heck out Kaneuji’s works before the biennale ends on 15 May to have a dissimilar experience of your own.

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