Synaesthesia; drawing words and reading pictures

A project by CERIPH, curated by Winnie Goh and co-curated by Wei Fen Lee, Synaesthesia is currently running at the Substation from 4-17 April 2011.

The exhibition paired 17 artists and writes into creating 17 different works, complementing each other. Artists include Speakcryptic, Xin Jie, Ben Qwek, Tiffany Lovage, Mojoko, Mindflyer, Julienne Tan, Eeshaun, Winnie Goh, XOTL, Djohan Johari, Izyanti Aza’ari, Lau Shu Hui, Zxerokool, Joe Chung, Sheryo Ang and MessyMsxi. The 17 writers are Stephanie Ye, Marc Nair, Ng Yi-Sheng, Nicholas Liu, Jon Gresham, David De Winne, Miriam Nash, Desmond Kon, Nurul Musfirah, Desiree Lim, Ann Ang, Sudev S., Terri-Anne Teo, Wei Fen Lee, Nurfaiezah Osman, Alvin Pang and Amanda Lee.

Despite the huge collections of creative individuals involved in this project, do check out these two works below!

Breast by Ng Yi-Sheng and XOTL

Bed by Sudev S. and Ben Qwek

Check out more about Synaesthesia here and CERIPH here.

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