A Meaningful Place

This drawing is meant to represent Parliament House, which is meaningful to me in the sense that this was where the debate on repeal of S377A happened. The rainbow flag expresses my hope for the (near) future that Parliament House would also be a place where we celebrate equality for everyone.

The work above is by Lee Gwo Yinn (his website here) and we are posting it today as the Singapore General Election 2011 had just ended. It was a historical event which changed Singapore’s politic, hopefully for the better. Cutting the extremely interesting 2 weeks campaign short, you can check it out more here.

In the meantime, this period too will be a crazy time for RAP. The Singapore Biennale is coming to an end and we will still be covering 2 more works. NAFA Visual Art graduation show is also currently showing in their campus galleries. Apart from that, Pink Dot 2011 is also not too far away, check them out here. Last but definitely not the least, we are preparing for our annual RA show for indigNation 2011. Currently titled RetreAttack!, the show will feature works by 4 Singapore artists, 1 Indonesian, 1 Thai and 1 Hong Kong-based artists. We will keep you updated for all of these exciting events for the next few months!

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