d) all of the above – NAFA Fine Art Diploma Graduation Show [PART 1]

*apology for the small pictures of the works. it was editing error 😦

NAFA Fine Art Diploma students are currently having their graduation show at NAFA Lim Hak Tai Gallery 1 and 2. Check out their event page here. The show was up from 6-11 May 2011.

RAP went to drop by for these new young artists’ works and found a lot of interesting subjects, ideas and forms introduced to us. We will be showing some snapshots of these works in two different posts. [PART 1] will showcase more 2D-based works, paintings and drawings.

Untitled 2 and Untitled 1 by Risvana Rajab, charcoal and acrylic on paper

This large diptych is pretty much inspired by Jenny Savile, depicting two human forms, almost sexless who are intensely fat and humongous in size. The two works facing each other, almost as if they are greeting a similar being. Rajab is interested in depicting the rejected plus size people within the community, especially contemporary today where beauty is heavily desired.

Collector’s Stage by Fish Jafaar, oil on canvas

Another relatively large painting by Fish Jafaar depicting a group of women situated in a large mansion, accompanied with male servants, classical painings, sculptures and expensive car. Most of the women shows certain part of their bodies, while some are entirely naked. They are engaged in what can be understood as an erotic activity, for a specific viewer, who is out of the canvas. Some of the women are fighting, jumping, laying on the floor and posing, as if there is a stage dedicated for them to entertain. Jafaar seems to be interested in showcasing the human abuse and slavery, not to an excessive context but simply in a rich-and-poor distinction.

Oops! and Cheerful by Evelyn Devina, oil on canvas

Another diptych paintings which now seem to showcase a mixed sexual identity. Dressed and created as women, the two figures’ facial expression and characteristic seem to tell us otherwise. The cheeky titles suggest play and lightheartedness towards the theme of gender identity. At the same time, the two figures can also be seen as purely entertainment, providing laughters and implementing foolishness upon themselves.

Cruise by Qamarul Asyraf, mixed media

this work is a representation of what i see around me and how it affects my locational identity thus creating this alternate and almost fantasy-like perspective
Qamarul Asyraf

The painting-installation piece is pretty much direct, showing us a sense of the artist’s approach to fantasy world. Might have been inspired by George Orwell’s 1984, the huge eyes, which dominate almost the top section of the work seems to resonate with the Big Brother. Might not be a political commentary, this piece can also suggest an environment, almost foreign, that is constantly being watched, by anyone at anytime.

Quiet Becoming by Francesca Ann Loo, photographic prints on canvas

A seemingly usual piece about relationship, Loo has her own interesting approach to the theme. Boring theme indeed, but do notice the smaller photos, in a series of 6 which we find really strong. 3 photos are of the men while the next 3 are the women. They are positioned to be similar to each other, almost like a mirror image. Also the second picture above, the central piece of the wall installation also creates a sense of questioning the degree of a relationship. Despite differences, and prominently shown in the age gap between the two personas, relationship seems to be going on.

On Beauty by Bryan Lim Jian Hui

A series of photography depicting a nude and semi-nude Caucasian model, taken by a Chinese photographer. We enjoy this contrast of race and cultural identity between the subject and the photographer, between the material and the creator. There is also a play on hierarchy here, where the photographer holds more power than the model, a contrasting scenario of a typical Western/Eastern conflict. Apart from this, the works are beautiful and the treatment on the printing is interesting too, with slight layering and torn-like quality of the product.

BACK OFF!!! by Lee Rui Xiang, linocut on linoleum sheet

An exploration of desperate situation and the desire of screaming, freedom and rebellious tendency seems to dominate this wall installation piece. The main character, assuming he who is holding the macrophone and screaming BACKOFF! can be seen as the artist himself. His attempt seems to be supported by comic characters, pretty much heroes. That may suggest a sense of strength coming from childhood memories that allows the character to be strong now.

This post will be continued to [PART 2] focusing on installation and new media pieces.

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