d) all of the above – NAFA Fine Art Diploma Graduation Show [PART 2]

*apology for the small pictures of the works. it was editing error šŸ˜¦

Continuing from [PART1]

What Was It About Last Night? by Nurul Jannah, mixed media

A wall installation of craft products and drawings suggest a strong symbolism of feminine quality. The base of the works, cloth is an example, followed by red threads, knitting base, drawings and shapes that are gentle, soft and emotional at the same time. Material becomes a major factor in this work and the fragility of the incomplete portraits, objects and shape create an even more delicate ambience.

Beginning of Mankind by Park Ji Hyun, ceramic, bed and whitecloth

Park presented a sculptural installation of a bed with ceramic pieces which resemble human’s bellybutton. The glossy and smooth surfaces on the pieces also suggest a more feminine impression. It suits the theme, which gives an idea of birth, pretty much linked to the women’s identity. The bed also suggests a rather processual indication of delivery and interestingly, Park showcased this idea through evoking sinisterness on both the objects and the topic involved.

Cell by Yu Dan Ya and Shirley Khng, mixed media installation

Seems like created out of digitally manipulated images of HDB blocks, the piece speaks about being in an entrapped, claustrophobic environment. A very much romanticised portrayal of the theme, it gives a visually stunning experience to the audience. The overwhelming black and white colour scheme creates layers of visual distortion, almost to the point that it could result in migraine. To a pity though that this piece is relatively small in size, if it were to cover a whole entity of a room, or even a fully enclosed room, it would have created a larger impact.

You Can’t See Me by Seow Jing Ren, mixed media installation

Perhaps the only work that usedĀ luminous light as part of its presentation, this piece seems to explore the potential of enthusiasm towards popular culture into a personal experience. The piece includes 2D works which are lighted by the light, adding a second layer of visual aesthetic, almost breathing life into the characters. Apart from that, action figurines stood and posing for the audience, as if they were to be viewed as extraordinary beings. Audience was then brought into a realm of fantasy and surreal environment, but still recognizable, in fact might bring back past memories.

A Fraction of the Whole by Mingshi, mixed media installation

Another light-based installation is a cubical light box by Mingshi. Mingshi created visual work on cloth and install them on the two side of the light box. The visual is of abstract forms, with recognizable skull on top of a layer of hazy image which seems to look like a photograph of two figures. The work suggests a theme of death and life, like an incubation box where creation is undergoing. The title too seems to suggest a rather incomplete process of what might have been about losing and regaining memories.

Synecdoche by Johnston Lim, short film

As a typical approach towards existentialism, Lim wrote and directed his piece in an interestingly common method. Enough said about the boring theme, Lim fragmented the films into shorter clips, with plain black frames in between. It is productive in creating a space for the audience to be in the film itself. The gap between moving images and voidness of the screen gives a contrast which works for the audience, and the film as well. Clips are either continued or cut into next scenes, the fragments also follows the whole idea of questioning oneself. As the film progresses, audience could also see the development of the main character, hence there is a mixture of linear and non-linear approach of the narrative. The main character too is active, pretty much different than any other similar films, and connects well with the audience in terms of familiarity of him as a character.

This year’s NAFA graduation show has definitely showed potential. There were numerous other works that were showcased and although they are pretty much direct and so-called within the safe-zone of typical Singapore’s art, they have their own unique quality and the new generation aspect is also genuine and apparent in many of them. Hope to see more of the new wave of young artists in the local art scene.

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