Manicured Nature exhibition

Manicured Nature; exhibition of works created during a local residency at Dairy Farm’s Wallace Environmental Learning Laboratory.

Artists include Suwong-Kunrattanamaneephorn, Mel Araneta, Kelvin Atmadibrata, Chan Mei Hsien, Stephanie Cheng, Nina Chabra, Vincent Chow, Grace Jean, Davis KK Lee, Sha Najak, Ngiam Shin-Shin, Ong Xiao Yun, Joey P.L. Soh, Tai Shuxia, Ruyi Wong and Raffles Girls School Art Club.

Opening of the show is on 14 May, Saturday, 10am-6pm.

Check out its website here. And facebook page here.

The exhibition takes place within natural environment as well as a structure which was previously used as cow barn. Do check out masculine-themed work of Kelvin Atmadibrata titled Nymph ♂

Nymph ♂, collage on paper, 2011

The whole installation is showcased as part of the show from 7 May to 29 June, only on the weekend for indoor installations. The artists will pop by here and then to deliver the narrative of a folk-lore he discovered along the Wallace Trail.

More about the work here.

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