ADM Show 2011

It’s the season of graduation show for the three main art institutions in Singapore, NAFA, LaSalle and ADM. NAFA’s coverage can be found here and here while LaSalle only opens next week. Now it’s time to look at what the ADM-ers got to show.

Transphoria by Lydia Wong, photography

The series seems to be a celebratory documentation of the Transgender community in Singapore with the combination of both fashion and archival approach towards photography. Wong also presented a photography book, which includes either personal story or interviews with the girls involved in the project. Reminds us of Aubrey Edward’s project when she was in town last month!

F (.) (.) D by Koh Wei Ling, photography

Having exposed to “explicit sexual brassieres advertisements” while growing up in a Chinese-cultured society, Wei Ling provokes an image and its consumption in media. Taking the theme of women’s sexuality, the works depict irony and humor as to challenge the perception of viewers towards women’s underwear.

What are you looking at? by Wahlene Lin, photography

Using self-portrait, Lin approaches “the notion of ‘exemplary female beauty’ and female consumerism”. A performative-photograph pieces which are further edited digitally, the works portrays almost an actual parallel to the ever changing theory of beauty itself.

Provocation of Hair by Izyanti Asa’ari, mixed media

Izyanti looks into the mythological and historical position of women’s hair, by paying particular attention to its feature and position as a woman’s attribute. In her research, Izyanti questions what is it to be feminine through her collages and drawings with real threads of hair.

The White Elephant of Transitional Marriage by Jasmine Tan, mixed media

What is marriage today? Tan looks into the role of the feminine and masculine in her humorous approach to the whole idea of marriage. Replacing a factor of the couple with a white elephant, Tan “personifies the issues that gender roles play in marriages- and our refusal to acknowledge its presence while dealing with marital problems”

Andre by Dan Wong, illustration book

Perhaps the only illustration book product at the show, Wong explores the theme of masculinity through “overarching themes such as manly virtue, rites-of-passage, and the father-son bond”. The book narrates a fictional story of a boy called Andre, as he grows up in a village where it requires him to complete a task in order to be seen as ‘a mature man’. Wong also draws the parallel between how ‘manliness’ is seen in Singapore context, assumably similar to the Asian or Chinese environment while addressing sub issues as mentioned above and questioning their validity.

Get Sexed by Nicole Wong, card game

Yeah! Someone created a sex-themed card game. At last! But wait, this card game is no erotica no way, but it is actually “targeted at the decision-making processes of teenagers when sex situations are encountered.” Wong looked into how sexual education in Singapore is considerably minimal and hence the card game. RAP has not played it yet, but according to her, it “has been a success story with its local players”. Woohoo! It would be really nice to see it on the shelves!

What lies within: An exploration of private and public social self by Ow Wan Lin, mixed media

An approach towards self discovery and phycological exploration, Lin presented a series of light boxes, eerily lighting up the face of the characters, presumably she herself within a rather unusual fairy-tail-like, or wait, more like Grimm Brothers-like setting. And do you notice her glare? Lin looks into how society shapes out perception as if we are being conditioned to think and behave in a ‘logical’ way.

Well, that will be it for ADM Show 2011. There are a number of strong works, especially from the Photography majors. The show ran from 14-23 May at Old School @ Mt Sophia. If you would like to see their catalogues, do drop us an email as we have one in our library!

2 responses to “ADM Show 2011

  1. Hi. I missed the ADM show…would you mind sharing the catalogues with me? Thanks!

    • rainbowartsproject

      Hi Cheryl

      We will send you an email in a while regarding the catalogue.
      Sure we can share it with you 😉

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