LaSalle Show 2011 [Part 1]

The LaSalle show is ongoing now until 9 June 2011. It is presenting works from all of the Diploma, Bachelor and Master programs. Do check out the Visual Art graduates as they have quite a number of strong works. RAP went to check them out and here are some snapshots! This will conclude the three art school show of 2011!

Womb by Rosita Lui Chun Nor

A work about mother nature, again is approached through feminine quality. Rosita is a graduate from LaSalle’s Master of Art Therapy and her work seems to further explore the relationship between mother and her child, in various forms they may exist. It is again always been an interesting factor to notice how nature is easily connected to feminism.

A Safe Space by Lim Xiao Ting

Another Arts Therapy graduate, Lim presented to audience an exploration of individualism particularly in terms of identity shift and development. Might have been her own personal experience, the work seems honest and a direct response to two different sides of a person.

Avatar Profiling by Neo Peiqi Peggie

One of the best piece in the show is by Peggie Neo which takes form of a SIMS-like characters created out of Second Life 3D environment, not an uncommon sight in digital art practice. Being used to be able to control the main character but stripped of that privilege is an interesting approach to this work, where movement is pre-determined. It is after all, not a video game art but taking the role of avatar, searching for love and relationship, isn’t it a game that we play everyday?

Hmmm … What’s On the Other Side? by Kray Chen Kerui

A landscape of miniature Bottero-like figures, plump, chubby and fat trying to fit into an environment is quite humorous. Created out of clay, Chen formed figures which are often discriminated out of their shape. Breaking out, fitting in and having relationship with the rest of the community might be difficult but the figures seem to be trying. What’s on the other side then? They might not have found the answers yet.

Untitled by Shen Xin

This time, Moore’s reclining figures-like paintings are the works of Shen Xin. Pretty much an abstract forms of figures, is it us that we spot some sort of sexual expression of the postures? Maybe not, but the eyes do not always tell the correct things. Very much an interesting yet unoriginal approach to abstract figurative, Shen Xin seems to prefer an open discussion of his pieces, untitled as they are.

[PART 2] here.

3 responses to “LaSalle Show 2011 [Part 1]

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  2. Before reporting your view of the lasalle show exhibition, you should look into the different artist and find out what is it that they are interested in and how this has influenced their works instead of typing out inaccurate and bias judgment of the lasalle show. Get your facts right first.

    • rainbowartsproject

      Hi Jessica

      Thank you for the comment! We are looking towards criticisms and working for improvements.

      I understand that each artists have their own views and approach towards their works and definitely the judgement i have placed upon their works are nothing more than personal responses. It is of a result of mere observation and without any interview of further questioning to the artists.

      The works that are so-called, featured, are nothing more than what I personally feel that they are interesting, in various ways. Although the blog/project is dedicated for LGBT-related works, I do not particularly looking at LGBT-themed pieces.

      If you feel that my remarks on the works are biased, I will be happy to remove them in case I have insulted or done injustice towards the artist/s. I apologize for doing so. Actually that’s my exact worry and sentiments as I was doing such blog posts.

      Would love to hear more of what you think. Don’t worry, I am completely open to critics and comments. 😀

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