LaSalle Show 2011 [Part 2]

[Part 1] here

Sleep My Haven by Devi Seetharam

A diary-like book filled with drawings, most probably self portrait of the artist sleeping, Devi seems to portray a journey onto an alternative reality. Dream has always been a fake existence where impossible situations and environment can occur, at any point of time. This personal journey may inspire audience, truly.

Twining by Aashika Cunha

Brave New World? Two human-like figures cuddling each other in harmony in each test tubes are simply horrifying. Like a scientific experiment table, the artist, presumably the scientist seems to be creating bonds and twines in her experiment. The figures are multiplied or even cloned as to create the perfect couple. At the same time, they are imperfect, almost unrecognizable as humans. “How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world! That has such people in it!”

“Yes I Can!” by Gratannia Iniccha Panjaitan

Raise your glass people! The workers have taken the street and changes are on our way. An iconic pose but hey, iconic face? We don’t think so! This piece works as an enhancement and alternative reading of Rossie the Riverter. Presumably a self portrait of an Indonesian girl, the piece speaks about the feminist revolution in the region as what Rossie stood for during World War II. Common stance, but opens up discussion, isnt it.

Shan and Rosalind by Navitha Edmond

Pretty much a direct body of work, Navitha has been in contact and in fact friends with both Shan and Rosalind. Both are transgenders but with different qualities and expectations in life. Navitha also plays the role of a voyeur, especially in Shan’s photographs but at the same time documenter and representative of the general public’s perception onto looking at their personal life. We discriminate by doing so but hopefully an understanding and better reception towards the minority can be a result of her archival-like works.

by Ee Jing Wen Fedora

Can’t help to see Gilbert and George’s work in this piece, it is also an unfamiliar sight in the local art scene of such practice. Digital manipulation is common but duplicating and bright colors seem rare. We were glad to spot one during the show! And ah, great title too.

Untitled by Derrick Ng En Quan

Pretty much a pair of stunning images, Ng’s works blur the line between human body and unfamiliarity. It questions us, as audience how much do we know about our physical look and has it been an alien instead of identity. Although the work is not unique per say, it evokes certain thoughts and responses and that sums up what contemporary art is all about today

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