biennale pick#16: Factum by Candice Breitz

Factum is a series of video documentation by South African artist, Candice Breitz. Breitz recorded conversations and dialogues between seven sets of twins and a triplets. The questions were presumably the same or similar, but their responses are interestingly varied.

The recordings were done at different times under an exact same setting for each duo. The twins were also wearing exact same clothes, making them undistinguishable. Aren’t twins like that? Or that’s what we tend to assume?

Breitz looked into the most personal and intimate relationship between the twins and triplets and audience discovers the similarities and differences among them. It is like peeping or in fact being part of a situation which is very different from what common audiences may be facing. They are placed into the world of twins, the world of duplicates and the world of individuals.

Twins within LGBT community have always been interesting individuals. When one is gay, the other most probably is, but study has showed that only 50% of the case that the assumption is true. Do check out the study here.

Twins among gay porn stars too are popular considered kinky like Milo and Elijah Peters and Fabrizio and Fernando Mangiatti/Lynch for example. There’s so much complexity in the life of twins ranging from ethic and social issues. This works highlights many of them but ultimately leads the perception and understanding to the viewers’ own decision.

Breitz’s Factum allows audience to look into differences within similarities and vice-versa. The individuals are like talking and communicating with the audience, directly provoking the viewers with their identity. Same or different. We have to decide that by ourselves.

2 responses to “biennale pick#16: Factum by Candice Breitz

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