biennale pick#19: Behold by Sheela Gowda

BEHOLD! What you are about to see is a history of women in India documented through their actual body parts, object of feminine quality and beauty, hair. Behold is an installation by Sheela Gowda, using women’s hair and car bumpers which resulted in a complicated and messy environment, almost to the extent of becoming a post-destruction territory.

Gowda has turned the material into an entirely different recognizable object, such as normal black rope. The unique quality, in fact, important and authentic nature of the hair has been taken away, as if i disguises into a collective of stronger unions.

The installation reminded of Medusa’s lair, with reflective objects being suspended by the ‘ropes’. Likewise according to Gowda, the work is not far from superstitions and constructed narrative. “It is a common sight to see ropes of human hair tied around the bumpers of vehicle; a local superstition intended to ward off evil spirits”.






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