biennale pick#21: Office Orchitect by Michael Lee

Office Orchitect is the latest work by local artist, Michael Lee. The work consists of miniature architectural models which are completely imaginary and witty. Each models become sculptures, depictions of utopia where audience can just wish that they were real.

Lee whose works have been inspired by architectural models and designs, seems like extended his recent diagram-based illustration pieces to this sculptural objects. They were all handcrafted, by himself and a couple of volunteers and meticulously put together to the closest millimeter.

Apart from the sculptures, which pretty much like-able by the audience, what are equally striking were the boxes which stored the unassembled pieces. Being kept at a corner (unlikely due to the lack of storing spaces) they were effective by themselves. Like a construction site, the process of making and packing is expressed, maybe a reflection of Lee’s view on what seems to be understood as a utopic approach of a city.

What’s the most impressive is however the Godvilla. Isolated as it was the only piece located on the mezzanine level, it depicts a Godzilla, or what seems to be so, with uhmmm, a structure of building’s interior in its body. The monster seems be in the process of walking, looking for food maybe as activities seem to continuously happen within its body. Referring to Lee’s diagram-based work, it narrates that the monster would eat surrounding buildings, they would fill his body, the monster would shit them out and a new city is born.

This one however is a little different but again, Lee’s use of the monster is interesting. Destructive from outside, peaceful inside? Or equally destructive? Whatever so, the title suggests that it is a villa, a relaxing avenue, far from bussiness. Maybe this monster is having a break from eating and shitting buildings. It is on its way to paradise, just like what a utopia aims to wonder about.

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