biennale piece#20: Wrapped Traces by Mark Salvatus

An ongoing project by Filipino artist, Mark Salvatus is to ‘wrapped’ tracings of objects done by random people. Salvatus would draw wrappings on the traces with pencil and the drawings are usually on public spaces. He brought out personal objects to public spaces but ironically, hid them under his wrapping technique.

The ‘wrapping’ too results in homogeneous quality between the different objects. Each had their own individual identity but Salvatus stripped them bare while at the same time, giving them new ‘clothes’. From different personalities, the objects become a collective of hidden community.

Just a side note to end this, this year’s indigNation visual art show will take on similar theme of camouflage. Titled RetreAttack!, the show will explore the issue of the gay community to come out but hiding at the same time. Do check us out on 5-14 August at Dahlia gallery. Updates will be posted as the date draws nearer!

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