biennale pick#22: random intersections by Leonor Antunes

Leonor Atunes presented her leather horse bridles pieces titled random intersection #1-4 which was to our disappointment, seemed to have gone under construction almost half of the biennale period. Despite so, the work seemed to be up and steady, only the light bulbs seem to have ceased in function.

Wondering why we want to feature Antunes’ works? We do not know. It is funny however, that after looking at Elmgreen and Dragset’s German Barn piece, which was heavily connoted with homosexual imageries, including horse saddles and Lederhosens, we find this piece similar! Yes this was most probably not what the sculpture-based works might have intended them to be, but that’s how we experience it.

Likewise, the term ‘LGBT art’ or ‘LGBT-themed art’ or ‘LGBT-inspired art’ is vague. It depends on one’s perception towards the identity itself hence the reception varies. Many times, other external influences affect how we see an art work as LGBT-themed or not. In fact, LGBT themes are not to be discriminated against as it covers, well, almost everything about life. After all, LGBT community and people are humans.

What we would like to bring up is that RAP focuses on LGBT-themed works and we view ‘LGBT-themed’ according to our interpretations while they may be different than others. In any case, we would like feedbacks and inputs as well as recommendation into our understanding towards the term. But clearly, we would like to explore taboo-themed, sex and gender-based, nudity-injected works which many despised.

Back to Antunes’ pieces, they ‘create junctions of exchange between art, …. and spectator’. RAP aims to be so, just like random intersections. Keep it informal while constantly productive.

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