Singapore Biennale 2011; OPEN HOUSE

UPDATE ( a month after the biennale)
The house is now closed (almost for a month) and RAP will still be featuring some works from the extravaganza. Do check them out from 6-11 June, one work daily! The list goes on from no. 16-21 and with those RAP will conclude Singapore Biennale 2011.


The third installment of the Singapore Biennale 2011 is running from 13 March to 15 May at five spaces, Old Kallang Airport, National Museum, Singapore Art Museum, 8Q and the Marina Bay.

RAP will be looking into works that are interesting and hopefully speaks something about LGBT lifestyle and community. The works we are picking are not necessarily for the LGBT community or created by LGBT artists. They mainly speak for themselves and we are inviting audiences to experience the works and interpret them in your own creative ways.

Works that we have selected:

1. Deutsche Scheune/ German Barn by Elmgreen and Dragset
2. Devo partire. Domani by Ming Wong
3. the meaning of style by Phil Collins
4. Other by Tracey Moffatt
5. Welcome to the Hotel Munber by Simon Fujiwara
6. Re’Search Wait’S by Ryan Trecartin
7. My We by Louie Cordero
8. Construction by Ceal Floyer
9. OMG BFF LOL by Charlie White
10. Singapore Fiction by ruangrupa
11. various animations by Tala Mandani
12. Schnorrer by Leopold Kessler
13. White Discharge by Teppei Kaneuji
14. Rumah Sulaiman Belakang Kedai Ah Guat (House of Sulaiman Behind Ah Guat’s Shop) by Shooshie Sulaiman
15. Hong Rub Khaek (Visitors Welcome) by Navin Rawanchaikul
16. Factum by Candice Breitz
17. The City and the Secret Panther Fashion by Gulsun Karamustafa
18. Artists in the News by Koh Nguang How
19. Behold by Sheela Gowda
20. Wrapped Traces by Mark Salvatus
21. Office Orchitect by Michael Lee
22. random intersections by Leonor Antunes

So with that, we’ll be closing on the Singapore Biennale 2011. The next biennale that we will be covering is Jakarta Biennale which will take place end of the year. It’s been a great event this year and find out more about the Singapore Biennale here.

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