Liberate by Marcus Mok

Liberate by Marcus Mok is currently up at John Erdos Art in Dempsey Hill. The show runs from 4-19 June 2011. RAP dropped by when Marcus was around and took a couple of installation snapshots. These photos do not do justice to the actual works, so get yourselves down to the exhibition before it ends!

This showcase also marks the publishing of Marcus’ photography book titled Liberate. Yes, the exact same title as the solo. If you ever wonder why Liberate, why not check out his interview here. The photography book is limited edition and if you are a fan or simply shy admirer of Marcus’ prints, this collection is a great addition as well!

And outside John Erdos Art, we noticed a really peculiar sculpture. Titled Falling Man, it is a piece by Russian artist Ernst Neivestny. Seems like to be a collection of John Erdos!

In John Erdos itself, you can also find a couple of men-themed works from painting to photography. RAP could not take any snapshots but we will come back to take notice and feature them here.

More on this here.

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