At Hong Lim Park by Dey Irfan Adianto

Bandung-born artist, Dey Irfan Adianto has been researching into local happenings, particularly Pink Dot since 2010. Attended both events, he was greatly inspired by the initiative and social gathering. For his recent graduation show at NAFA, he presented a piece titled At Hong Lim Park.

The piece takes on a simplified, almost abstract form of the event and Irfan’s own interpretation of Pink Dot itself. It becomes a form of documentation, pretty much unique as rarely local artists take on the process of documenting a certain event in Singapore.

The sculpture is constructed using wood, epoxy and enamel, dated 2011.

This brings back a piece of 2010’s shape of my heart exhibition at Post Museum by Roy Tan.

Roy, who is the initiator of Pink Dot event made a sketch drawing of the venue itself. Personal approach towards the park, this can also be considered to be another documentation work of Pink Dot.

Indeed this year’s Pink Dot is around the corner. It will be on 18 June, Saturday from 5-7pm at Hong Lim Park.
Check out their event page on facebook here.
Check out their facebook page here.
Or their website here.

A trailer of this year’s event coming up right below!

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