Raghava K.K’s work at Art Stage Singapore 2011

In addition to Sean Lee and Geraldine Kang’s works, check out Raghava’s K.K’s iPad’s game artwork.

We are sorry that the picture uploaded here will be only a snapshot from StraitsTimes article. If you have the link to this work, please update us.

The work is an interactive iPad application where user can play with the visuals. The characters are of both male and female children accompanied with two adults, which can be changed by shaking the iPad. The parents can be made both fathers, mothers or simply the conventional father and mother. By shaking the iPad, Raghava wanted to challenge the reception towards homosexual parents. It is easy to be a homosexual parents, just a shake away but the reality does not support this statement.

More on the artist, check out his website here.

2 responses to “Raghava K.K’s work at Art Stage Singapore 2011

  1. Here you go! Link to my talk on TED. Thanks for the post guys – I really appreciate it! http://www.ted.com/talks/raghava_kk_shake_up_your_story.html

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