Child and the Beast by Genevieve Chua

Genevieve Chua looks into the myth of Pontianak through her photography works and retell the traditional story into contemporary audience. The figures of Pontianak is represented by presumably a young girl, appearing in different black and white images with her hair covering her face. On the opposite wall was a series of blue-hued prints, depicting a leaf-like creatures. The Pontianak has taken two different forms but retain her eeriness. Chua has been researching into the relationship between female identity and nature which she also explored in Raised as a Pack of Wolves and Full Moon and Foxes, both created in 2009. More of her work here.

Child and the Beast ran from 10 March to 2 April 2011 at The Objectifs, centre of photography. The exhibition was also parallel event of Singapore Biennale 2011 which Chua was one of the presented artists.

and also 3 of this series are exhibited part of House of Incest!



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