sex appeal?!?! Mr Man 2011?

The latest production in town is no other than Beauty Kings, a “scandalous dark comedy” by a probably the pioneer producer in Singapore entertainment scene, Dick Lee. Nope, we no nothing about the show but the advertisement seems to be extremely interesting! Sex appeal, current affairs joke, what else can we ask for?

The videos however caught our eyes as hey, what? selling bodies? When did “conservative” Singapore get succumbed into the beauty of the flesh? We just find it interesting that not only this production but many others, including Shokubutsu (yes! shower gel) has made use the image of bare bodies to attract consumers.

Doesn’t this kind of, uhmmm, contradicting of what Singapore stands to be “conservative”. Although the extent of using body image and flesh is considered extremely minor, doesn’t it lead to sex and a not-so-conservative perspective at the end of the day?

What do you say?

Check out our next post tomorrow about A&F huge billboard in Orchard Road but in the mean time, if you ever want to catch Beauty Kings, details are:

Beauty Kings
6 to 17 July 2011
Drama Centre Theatre, National Library
3pm on Saturdays & Sundays, 8pm from Tuesdays to Sundays

Advisory: Some Sexual References And Nudity (16 years and above)

Tickets: $85, $73, $65, $43 (excluding SISTIC charges)

Tickets are available through all SISTIC outlets. To book, call SISTIC at 6348 5555 or visit

and videos are available here and Beauty Kings’ facebook page is here.

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