minimART happened last Saturday! yes, in the midst of the busy period, especially with the happening of House of Incest. About 20 artists showcased their works, priced below $1,000 and looked like it was a success!!

It was a commercial-driven market, but at the same time it was experimental. We had performances going on from live art to music and experimental dance. Installations could also be found at the facade of the Substation and on the stairs area leading to the main market at the dance studio.

RAP presented works by Dey Irfan Adianto, Lee Gwo Yinn and Kelvin Atmadibrata, alongside its small collection of Aaron Murray and Jerome Kugan. It was a mix of genre of works but went alongside the theme of recreational drug, popularly known as Ice.

It was a great long day but young artists managed to mingle with each others and potential buyers. minimART had positive feedbacks and *hint*hint* are we doing the second market?

As for RAP, we acquired three pieces by Irfan, snapshots below!

In addition to that, of course we were looking for works that we find interesting! Haha. Well, check out Kelton Ching’s works below!

Check out more about minimART here and its facebook page here. Like it for further updates when’s the second one going to be!

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