AROUSE by Utin Rini Anggraini and Chong Ai Lei

Utin Rini hails from Indonesia and her works are dominated by fields of color that is formed through the image of a human face. The image of faces is the result of her tracing on various portraits of women. In her painting series in ‘Arouse’, Utin give a major theme of the works as “Sensual Musical”.

Bright, kaleidoscopic colours burst forth in Utin’s canvases, where the female subject sometimes looks teasingly at you or with her eyes closed in a dreamy and sensuous moment. Utin’s painting techniques clearly show that her background in graphic design and printmaking have left an indelible impression on her painting style.

Ai Lei, a Johor native, has been painting the female subject since the start of her artistic career. A fine art graduate from Dasein Academy of Art, Ai Lei’s oil paintings in ‘Arouse’ are delicate explorations of a young girl caught in private and unconscious moments. Her oil paintings muted-colored and totally contrast with Utin’s colorful form of paintings. Never with their faces shown, Ai Lei’s female subject is shown flopped over her bed or lazing across an intricate Persian rug, and her works are symbols of youth as well as the artist’s own identity.

artist statement from facebook event page here.

HOM (House of MATAHATI) is an independent art space consists of a gallery and studio facilities. located in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

AROUSE runs from 2-16 July 2011.

Check out the works at HOM blog here.

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