Check-In #2 and Queer Bus

Check -In is an initiative by SGRainbow to introduce young MSM or youth gay men gay-friendly spaces. This includes support groups, art galleries, enrichment centers, libraries, etc which is aimed to be useful for the younger generation to find helps or supports, if they ever need to.

RAP is proud to be involved in its second edition as we will bring you a brief history on Singapore’s LGBT art as well as some performances and life-drawing sessions if possible. Where? We can’t tell you yet but sign up at SGRainbow if you are interested! *hint* RAP’s stop will be the last and promises to be the most (s)exciting 😛

More about SGRainbow here and here.

And another similar event that is coming up is Queer Bus by Oogachaga! So for you young people, if you will be missing either one, do sign up for the other one! Haha. It’s great to be introduced to places and people whom you can seek support from.

Unfortunately RAP will not be joining Queer Bus but do check them out here!

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