YOUTH by Chardchakaj Waikawee

Back-to-back insight into Bangkok’s street adolescent scenes, RAP features a video, Underage and an exhibition, YOUTH.

YOUTH is an exhibition of photography and image installations capturing a group of street teenagers in Bangkok city. They are not educated. They do not have any family. They live without any rights and without recognition of their achievements in this metropolis. The idea of identity card is irrelevant to them as they exist in social displacement. These youths have created their own law, refusing to abide to any moral values. Their code of conduct is based on the survival of daily struggles. To them, “breath” bears the truth of reality, holding far more importance than romantic ideas of “happiness”.
However, driven by flushes of hormones, the teenagers seek out youthful pleasures and their activities are often seen as violent and dangerous. Unlike the common public, Chardchakaj Waikawee acknowledges their ability to survive and create pleasure for themselves. They should be respected for their human qualities and not discriminated as outcasts of society. As most people judge these groups of individuals, they should reflect upon themselves, their dependency on others, and their incompetence in establishing their own worth.

Chardchakaj photographed and spent time with a group of teenagers living around his neighborhood. Using old cameras and cheap expired films, the artist develops his images without any scanning, dusting, or post-editing of the negatives. There is no computer processing involved. His technical processes correlate to the rough and raw livelihood of street youths. As they never enjoy the privilege of having “choices” and have not received support from anybody, their birth and death affect noone. Chardchakaj’s photography humbly follows this fate.

statement is from facebook event page here.

runs from 4-26 June 2011 at BKK Arts House.

for BKK Art House click here.

For photos of the opening night here.
For photos of the exhibition here, by Mimi.

Artist’s interview here.
Waikawee’s website here. Do check out his other works which resonate the theme of ostracized minorities.

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