House of Incest day 7 and day 8 – Carnal Stash and Blue Velvet

Nothing much happened on the Monday, 4th of July 🙂 but on the 5th, here it goes:

Carnal Stash
an intimate erotic poetry/prose reading

feat. the private collections of
Alvin Pang / Ng Yi-Sheng / Pooja Nansi / X’ho / Amanda Lee / Sudév Suthendran / Tania de Rozario / Madeleine Lee

Private Film Study of David Lynch’s surreal, acclaimed Blue Velvet (1986).

Yes yes yes, RAP missed the event again but basically, it was a literary reading event by Singapore’s most talented writers. Sorry that we can’t write anything on this, but do check out IndigNation’s ContraDiction, assembled by Ng Yi Sheng and it’s an annual queer poetry reading! Check it out here.

And coming up next is Women Out Loud, as part of Etiquette on 4 August 2011 at the Substation. More information here. Do check out on RAP’s review about the whole series of event of Etiquette, despite it being clashing with our very own RetreAttack! Haha.

And a sneak into David Lynch’s Blue Velvet here:

And an interview of David Lynch here:

To accompany this post about text, enjoy Peenut Kew Lee’s work below!

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