House of Incest – its a wrap!

It is almost a month after House of Incest event, organized by The Ob/Scene and collaborated with Grapheme Zine Lab, RAP is bringing you a whole list of events, as part of Post Museum’s fund raising attempt.

Pre-exhibition and details
Day 1 – Exhibition and Opening
Day 2 – Macho Dancer
Day 3 – PUSH OUT!
Day 4 – Annabel Chong
Day 5 – Philia Fundraising Party
Day 6 – Singaporeans on Sex
Day 7 and 8 –  Carnal Stash and Blue Velvet

Facebook page of the event is here. And for future updates from The Ob/Scene here.

RAP would like to thank Vanessa Ho from The Ob/Scene to organize this wonderful event and also Post Museum for their support to the local art scene, particularly those that push boundaries. We have always wanted to work with Post Museum, but let’s keep that for the future (and yes, we are waiting). It is regrettable for another local alternative art space to close their doors, but we are staying optimistic and wish Post Museum for the success. LOVE BOTH OF YOU!

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