Etiquette II FILM SCREENING – sneak peak

The Etiquette team is also having two films screening nights. Compared to indigNation’s, Etiquette will be showing local-based films, particularly directed by women filmmakers. Curated by Mardhiah Osman and Mabelyn Ow, the focus of the films will be of celebration on the ‘just-do-it’ spirit in the local film industry. All profit will go to AWARE.

Films presented will be of the followings:

5th August 7-10pm

  1. Dirty Bitch Sun Koh, 13:42mins (R21)
  2. Substitute A. D. Chan, 20:32mins (M18)
  3. Come Kirsten Tan, 22mins (M18)
  4. Overhead Clouds Yeo Lee Nah, 5mins (PG)
  5. Shout Lillian Wang, 18mins (PG)
  6. Still Life Lillian Wang, 9mins (TBA)
  7. Smell of Rain Gloria Chee, 93mins (PG)

6th August 7-10pm: (Reception at 6pm)

  1. She Shapes a Nation Dana Lam, 21mins (PG)
  2. Bullet Proof Vest May Lin Au Yong, 5:34mins (TBA)
  3. Under the Storybook Sky May Lin Au Yong, 14mins (PG)
  4. Durai & Saro Prema Menon, 30mins (PG)
  5. Pink Paddlers Jasmine Ng & Suzette Cody, 63mins (PG)
For more information regarding this event, click here.

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